No Spock’s bluntness and logic never appeared to Uhura as anything but plain unadulterated truth. This was something that she appreciated especially in a chaotic world. She knew that no matter what happened, he would never sugar coat anything or lie to her. There would be no tall tales or embellishments She could trust him with anything. Many times she had come close to apologizing for the Qo’nos incident. Many times but she hadn’t, because she wasn’t actually sorry. Her outburst had brought out a side of him that she had only seen fragments of. It had been necessary in bringing them closer, and helping her understand him that much better. Uhura got a kick out of listening to Spock try and understand what he was experiencing. She nodded along as he spoke, trying not to smile at the things he was saying. What he was describing, sounded a lot like happiness in her opinion…but she wouldn’t say it out loud and have it shot down. “I can see that the two of you have forged quite a bond. You’ve both come a long way since we met…I think in a way, you balance each other.” She paused, pondering something for several seconds. “Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if you had continued as captain, with Kirk as your first commander…” She stared at him intently, awaiting his response.

Spock could sense that Uhura had left something out in her statement about Kirk and Spock’s bond. No doubt she had rephrased her thoughts to better suit his logical mind, something Spock appreciated. It made their conversations considerably easier than those he had with the Captain or Doctor McCoy. “My logic does serve as a counter-weight to the Captain’s more emotionally driven approach to command. He does not always take heed of my recommendations but that is his want as Captain. And he is able to advise me when my own approach is not considerate of others feelings.” He was silent for a moment, as in his mind he considered how far he and Jim had come in their last mission. When he had saved his live in direct breach of the Prime Directive, and when he reacted so badly to Spock’s report which had lost him his ship, Spock could not appreciate the other’s point of view. But after Jim sacrificed himself, in echo of ‘the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few’, he had understood. They were friends. It was not an immediate and drastic change, but it had started him on another path, a more human path on his journey.

"If he had not succeeded in exhibiting my emotional compromise? We would have regrouped with the fleet in the Laurentian system. Most likely Captain Pike would have been murdered and the Earth destroyed. It is also possible that we would still have been unable to defeat the Nerada. I am grateful that Captain Kirk took charge of the vessel, in the sense that we were ultimately victorious." He stated all this very simply, there was no emotional distress, or care, in his words of the most likely destruction of human and vulcankind. "Had we somehow succeeded in defeating Nero and prevented the planet’s destruction, both Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott would have been court marshalled for their conduct." Again he spoke with no obvious emotion, but this was as close as Spock ever got to humour. One wondered sometimes if he was aware of the humorous quality of some of his ‘one-liner quips’. Of course upon watching his facial expression during any of these it seemed clear he wasn’t.

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James Tiberius Kirk

FC: Chris Pine

Jim Kirk is a 23rd century Human Federation Starfleet officer. As a Starfleet cadet, he was instrumental in the defeat and death of Nero, a Romulan bent on the obliteration of the United Federation of Planets. As a result, he was commissioned directly to the rank of captain and appointed as commanding officer of the service’s flagship, the USS Enterprise.

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Montgomery “Scotty” Scott

FC: Simon Pegg

Montgomery “Scotty” Scott was a Human Starfleet officer serving in the 23rd century. He was recruited by James T. Kirk to replace Olson as chief engineer of the USSEnterprise before the Battle of Earth in 2258

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Hikaru Sulu

FC: John Cho

Hikaru Sulu was a Human Starfleet officer in the 23rd century. He served as helmsman of the USS Enterprise from when it was first deployed at the battle of Vulcan. Sulu took over at the helm of the USS Enterprise because the originally-assigned helmsmen, McKenna, was ill withlungworm. Sulu participated in a space-dive along with James T. Kirkand Chief Engineer Olson to disable Nero’s drilling rig as it drilled to the core of Vulcan. He was a skilled fencer and used his training in Hand-to-hand combat and a retractable sword to fight Romulans on the drilling platform, saving Kirk from a potentially fatal attack by one of the Romulans. 

While Kirk and Spock went to Qo’noS to apprehend Harrison, Sulu sat in the command chair and broadcast a message ordering Harrison to surrender or befired on. Later, when the Enterprise was severely damaged and hurtling to Earth, Sulu defied Spock’s order to evacuate the ship, preferring to go down with it. 

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Pavel Andreievich Chekov

FC: Anton Yelchin

A child prodigy and aStarfleet ensign for the Federation, assigned as a navigator to the USS Enterprise in 2258, at the age of 17. In addition, he was able to calculate the coordinates for beaming much faster than the computer, allowing him to personally beam Kirk and Sulu back aboard the Enterprise before they fell into the singularity, when the computer couldn’t even lock on to them.

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Right now however, she had a slight smile on her face at the thought of going into space with this particular set of people. She was looking at the ground thinking about something funny Carol had said before they parted ways when she noticed a familiar pair of shoes attached to a familiar pair of legs. She followed the legs upwards to meet the eyes of a very familiar half-vulcan. “Commander Spock.” Her smirk was in tact, exchanging only a hint of a knowing gleam in her eye. “you caught that did you?” She motioned with a cant of her head for him to walk with her, so they could make their way to the bridge together. “You know I’m not usually the clumsy type. Blame it on my nerves I guess.” Shrugging slightly. “what about you, any feelings about going into space for 5 years?” She wasn’t poking fun or trying to get a reaction, just curious as to what he did think about the journey ahead. She glanced at him sideways, looking for any kind of “tell” that she could work with. She was better than most at reading his signals…but still quite a ways off from being an expert. 

"I witnessed the event, obviously." Even with Uhura Spock’s logic was solid as a rock and just as constant. He was never aware of it appearing cold or detached, being half-vulcan, and the Lieutenant rarely brought it up as being an obstacle - considerably less so since her outburst at Qo’nos. Spock walked with her towards the bridge. He had in fact considered going to engineering before final departure but chose instead to walk with her; given the Captain had yet to board it was not perhaps logical but it was.. preferable. "Certainly Lieutenant I am filled with a desire to extend our knowledge of the cosmos, though this does not extend to blind curiosity." He stopped talking for a moment, his brow furrowing in deep concentration as something went on behind that level gaze "I am not sure how to classify what I am experiencing, but I find it pleasing to be travelling with Captain Kirk. Although I would clearly serve to the best of my ability were we under any other officer, I feel that my desire to perform would be somehow… lessened." He seemed unhappy with how he had expressed that statement and turned his head to Uhura, searching for any signs of understanding "It is difficult to explain, as I do not fully understand it."

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Leonard nearly choked on his own spit when Spock rounded the corner, but of course as the old saying goes, Speak of the Devil and he shall appear

“Commander Spock, nice to see you too.” Leonard sighed as he set aside his PADD and medic kit to grab one of the crates closest to him. Bending over seemed to resurrect his nausea for a moment, and he momentarily paused to bite back the bile before placing the crate back into the shuttle. “I’m getting too old for this,” McCoy mumbled under his breath while grabbing another heavy crate from the floor. 

“Has ‘the Captain’ shown his ugly mug, yet?” Leonard asked Spock as he carried the box to the shuttle, knowing full and well Jim will most likely show up at the last minute - all spritely and ready to go on their five year mission.  

Spock paused for a moment, appearing to be slightly thrown by the phrase but quickly gathering its meaning. “I have yet to see Captain Kirk, but I am sure he will be with us before we leave. As he would say, we could hardly leave without him.” He was well aware that the first sighting of Captain Kirk would not be in the logs, nor likely to be on the hangar; he would simply stride onto the bridge in customary fashion moments before they were due to depart.

He quickly bent down to pick up the next crate, giving Bones a break. Spock could tell from his complexion that he was not feeling well, but doubted very much that the Doctor was too old for picking up boxes. He looked over him again but couldn’t see any obvious symptoms of common ailments. Although his medical knowledge was considerably less than that of the Doctor he had a good understanding of basic medical science and emergency medical care. Spock began marking off the cargo they had loaded so far on the cargo manifest and looked up, “You do not seem yourself Doctor, are you suffering from some illness?”

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On the other side of the dismantled cargo was a very late, and very disgruntled Dr. McCoy. Leonard was already late for boarding - which would no doubt be problematic for their launch, as he is the one responsible for the crew health check before departure. It didn’t help that he’d been up…

He could hear the recruit mumbling an apology to someone as he came down the stairs from the gangway, and as he rounded the shuttle the scene opened up before him. The recruit in question was attempting to lift several crates at once in his rush to clear the way for - ‘Bones’ stood on the other side of the catastrophe, eyes closed and head in hands.

"Recruit, please report this incident to the duty officer and continue about your assigned duties." The recruit, panicking at the sight of the commander, dropped the boxes he’d just picked up, fumbled a salute and left at a rapid pace. Spock took a moment to observe McCoy, his slightly greyed pale skin, characteristic disgruntled look; one Spock was very rarely able to interpret. "It is good to see you Doctor. I had just noted that you were yet to check in, but I am glad to see you will be joining us after all." Spock punched a code into the panel on the back of the specialised shuttle opening the rear cargo door and, picking up one of the crates, gave McCoy an expectant look.

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Earth Spacedock’s hangers were a hive of activity, as hundreds of people prepared to take themselves, cargo, weapons, supplies and more onto the USS Enterprise. The ship was due to depart shortly and all crew and cargo must be properly accounted for before departure. Commander Spock was stood up high on a walkway, surveying various individuals going about their assigned duties. He noted on his PADD that several of the bridge crew had already logged in, including Doctor Carol Marcus and Uhura, although they had yet to board the ship.

He then spotted the two colliding down in the hangar, Uhura’s PADD crashing to the ground. After a short interval they left, most probably needing to restore the functionality of the device. They appeared to be getting on well, certainly their body language suggested a positive connection between the two, and it would be beneficial for Doctor Marcus to develop a relationship with those she would be working with closely on the bridge.

A loud crash behind him signalled some incident with the cargo being boarded, and unsurprisingly a recruit had dislodged several crates from a hover trolley which he was attempting to negotiate through a gap that was notably smaller than the width of the trolley. Bringing up the manifest showed the crates to contain incredibly delicate spectrometers for the chem labs, and Spock immediately went down to inspect them for damage.

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